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sell on Meesho

What is Meesho Seller Panel?

E-commerce has brought a revolution in the way of shopping. Nearly everyone who wants to expand their business enrolls in e-commerce. But ever thought of selling through social channels? Meesho brought a different concept of reselling. It is the first of its kind allowing users to sell using the social apps which almost everyone uses. Meesho seller panel has 1 crore + resellers. (How to sell on Meesho?)

Meesho is an online social commerce platform. It was founded by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal in December 2015 and is headquartered in Bangalore. They both graduated from IIT Delhi. It got investment from Facebook, becoming the first-ever Indian start-up to receive an investment from Facebook. It is unique from other marketplaces, which allows you to establish a business using social apps instead of seller portals. People can easily work from home using Meesho.

Meesho seller registration is a quick and easy process. Meesho allows small businesses and independent individuals to start an online business using social apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc without any investments. If you want to start an e-commerce business in India then you must step into the meesho seller panel.

Meesho follows the concept of reselling. There is a well-established catalog with quality products of categories – clothing, home and kitchen equipment, and other lifestyle essentials on the Meesho application (users can also list their own products) by enrolling in to create a meesho seller account. Users need to download the application and select the category of product that they wish to sell and broadcast among their social groups.

The interesting part is – resellers can decide the price of the product. So once shared on the social app, if anyone is interested you yourself can decide the selling price of the product. The profit margin will be calculated on the basis of the selling price that the reseller has decided. Selling on Amazon India is totally different when comparing with selling on meesho.

The customer will not be aware that he is making a purchase from meesho seller central. You are the business holder here. You can decide the selling price and profit margin here. Once the deal is finalized, resellers can place orders on the behalf of the customer. Resellers can also provide an address and business name which the customer will view while receiving the order. It shows the address and business name from which the order is received. So, you can provide a name for your business.

So, the users enrolled with Meesho are known as resellers and not sellers. There are attractive commissions also if the sales target is reached. As people use social media a lot, it is an interesting concept to start selling through social applications to reach out to maximum audiences.

All you need to do is download the Meesho seller app to get started. So basically, Meesho is a reselling application that enables the reseller to sell the products on their platform and earn margin with ZERO investment. So, you are the seller here and your friends and family members will be your customers. If you already have a huge following on social platforms, then you are all set up.

For an individual who wants to list products on Meesho and become a Meesho seller, it is a very hassle-free process. You list your products; the resellers will sell products of yours. So those users just need to list their products and the rest is handled by the resellers and Meesho delivery team.

Meesho Seller Registration Process:-

Users already registered on Meesho can go directly to the Meesho seller login page. All the users out there who have not yet started selling but wish to start a business of their own, follow the below meesho seller registration process.

To create a meesho seller account all you have to do is go through the below steps:-

sell on Meesho


Step1: List products on Meesho | Sell on Meesho

If you are a seller, you can list down your products on the Meesho application. If you are a supplier who wishes to enroll in the meesho seller panel visit the official website and fill up the form.

For meesho seller registration – GST Number, PAN Card, and a Business account are mandatory. If you are someone who does not have a business but wishes to start one, you can also become a reseller. All you have to do is select a catalog and share it on social channels, along with pictures of products and information related to size, color, and estimated delivery date.

Step2: Start receiving orders:-

Once enrolled, resellers can start selling thru sharing. There are a huge number of potential customers as a greater number of people are active on social media these days. So once the meesho seller login is done, you can instantly receive orders.

Resellers can also place orders on behalf of customers. Placing an order on the Meesho app is very simple and easy. Add the product to the cart, enter the shipping and billing details of the customer and add the business name and number that you wish to show to the customer while they receive the order.

Step3: Delivery of products:-

Once an order is placed, Meesho officials will come to receive the order. All the seller has to do is keep the order packed and ready. So sellers need not worry about the delivery of the order. The delivery service of Meesho is very safe. Products reach safely in the hands of customers.

Step4: Receive quick payments:-

There are online as well as offline payment methods available. Once an order is placed, the resellers might receive the margin once payment is received from the customer. Also, if any issue in payment occurs, meesho seller support helps to clear out all the queries of the sellers and resellers.

Benefits of Meesho Seller Support:-

Brand Identity:-

The individuals who want to start a business of their own with ZERO investment, becoming a Meesho seller or Meesho reseller will give them their brand identity. As resellers select the products which they wish to sell and share these with their friends and family, they have the power to choose the selling price and profit margin.

With that, they even have the authority to choose a brand name and address which they wish to show to the customer when the order is delivered. So this is when your own brand identity will be established. Customers will know you and not Meesho as they are not aware that Meesho is involved in the entire purchase cycle.

So once done with meesho seller registration or reseller registration,  you gain your own identity by selling.

Huge Customer Base:-

Nearly everyone among our friends and family is using Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. These applications have become a huge part of everyone’s life. So using Meesho, one can reach out to a huge audience. As the audience is among your friends and family, who can be trusted, it is easier to sell on Meesho.

So once enrolled for the meesho seller panel, the resellers will sell your products reaching out to maximum audiences which will maximize your sales. So once registered as a meesho seller, the resellers and meesho team will handle the rest.

Simple and Hassle-Free:-

 The workflow of Meesho is very simple. For the sellers who do not want to involve much but still want their business to keep running, Meesho is the best option. These sellers just need to list their items on Meesho and the rest will be handled by the Meesho team and the resellers.

So it is very simple and hassle-free to manage the business. You know that your business is running, there are people out there working. Customers placing orders, order processing is managed, orders being delivered to customers, and payment processed in the seller’s accounts timely. So it is a very simple and hassle-free process.

Quick & Secured Payments to sell on Meesho:-

 Meesho provides the option of online payments as well as offline Cash on Delivery option. The payment gateways in Meesho are quick and secured. Meesho seller support number is also provided if any queries are there at the seller’s and customer’s end.

If the payment mode is online, the reseller will get their margin within 1-2 days. If the payment mode is offline i.e. Cash on delivery, the reseller will get their margin once the payment is received from the customer. The amount will be processed in the reseller’s bank account within 1-2 days.

Meesho Cataloging guidelines:-

  • Sellers with 7C catalogs (3-4 products per catalog) have a>50% chance of reaching 30OA
  • Avoid basic QC errors like
    • Wrong category (Choosing the wrong gender. Example: Instead of men, choosing women fashion template, Not choosing an exact template in the beauty and H&K category)
    • Selling brand products without authorization to sell those products
    • Uploading Improper images, no watermarks/texts/brand logo on image, resolution (lower limit, upper limit). Refer to the image quality guidelines doc shared in the drive.
    • A detailed list of rejections can be found below
  • Stock level (Reg to 30OA) – To reduce the chances of orders getting not processed, the supplier should try to keep stock count for every product at 20, i.e. 20 pieces of each size variation of a product

Common QC rejection reasons:-

Catalogs that do not align with this will be filtered out by the QC team


File Rejection Description
-Wrong Category – Choosing the wrong gender. Example: Instead of men, choosing women fashion template

– Not choosing an exact template in the beauty and H&K category

-Brand Products – Supplier does not have an authorization letter to sell the product, but listing in our platform. For example, Nike, Puma, and many brand products in watches, etc
-Improper Image – Screenshot image

– Back Image

– Blur images

-PID (Product ID) overlapping – Already listed image or screenshot of that product image is using again. So the old PID will get overlap – We started processing this now.
-Multipack Issue – Filled multipack is not as per the image. Example: Image is having 5 different color sarees, but multipack is single
-Size Chart Missing – We need a size chart or size attribute values for the Men category. If both are not present, we will reject
-Wrong Rejection – By mistake agent has rejected wrongly
-Multiple Category – Supplier listing many different category products in a single catalog, We can’t create that catalog because the category will be tagged as per the mapping
-Improper Comment

Supplier Onboarding Process – SOP & Process flow  for Telemarketing Agency


  1. Guidelines for Tele agency on how to provide panel training to all the suppliers


New supplier definition – Suppliers who have onboarded less than 30 days


  1. First training will be provided on panel access, panel understanding and cataloging
  2. Second training will be given to suppliers who have received their first order. An email / SMS should go to the supplier informing them about the first order and the policy
  3. Third training will be given on payment understanding and other policies (post 2 weeks). Email with training video link will be shared with suppliers who have received at least 1 order or has received a payment / is due a payment


Key Steps after registration (to be communicated to the seller by the tele-agency)

  1. Login to the supplier panel using the email id and password shared with you on a separate email.

Supplier Panel Link –

Supplier Panel Training Video –


  1. Start uploading catalogs. Here are the training video on cataloging.

Single Catalog Upload Training video –

Bulk Catalog Upload Training Video –


  1. Once the catalogs are uploaded, they will go through QC and become live. QC status is visible on the panel. In case of QC error, upload the catalog again after correction.


  1. Once the catalogs go live, your catalogs will be visible to our resellers. It will get guaranteed views and you will get your first order.

Order Processing Training Video –


You can also see your entire account details on supplier panel –

– Your Pending, Shipped, Cancelled, Delivered, RTO and Returned orders

– Your Inventory – which you can mark In/Out of Stock any time

– Details of all your Payments and penalties

First training objective

  1. Confirmation of supplier details
  2. Panel training – explain all the tabs/options on the supplier panel
  3. Training on catalog uploading – single and bulk upload
  4. Training on image link upload
  5. Catalog QC process to be explained with brief note on how to avoid catalog errors
  6. Inventory management and Out of Stock process
  7. Next Day Dispatch Program to be explained with its benefits
  8. Mention about the second training and brief explanation on order processing
  9. Dos and Don’ts of how to become a successful supplier with Meesho
  10. Email to be shared after 1st Training.


  1. Panel training and catalog uploading training:

(i) Introduction of Agent and Company

(iii) Request him to Login. This can be divided into 2 cases:

(a) The supplier already knows how to login on the panel (Move to step (iv))

(b) Guide him to Login using the following steps:

– Request him to go to his e-mail ID

– Open the link that has been shared with him

– Enter the registered e-mail ID under the ‘Username’ section and Click on ‘Forgot password’ under the ‘Password’ section to reset his password.

(iv) Tell the supplier that he can view his panel now

Note: If the supplier cannot login, agents have to send an email to supplier support marking the supplier’s email ID


(v) Give him an overview of the panel which includes the following:

(a) Catalog Upload

  1. Through Excel :

Catalog Upload->Add new Catalog

(a) Product Category

(b) SKU ID (Supplier can mention any unique ID) which is mandatory.

(c) Product ID (Supplier can leave it blank if he does not know) which is not mandatory

(d) Product name

(e) Fabric

(f) Size chart(mention by providing commas)

(g) Final Selling price on Meesho (including GST and Meesho Commission)

(h) HSN Code (mandatory)

(i) Stock count (if not updated then system by default takes 20)

(j) Image link can be uploaded from dropbox or google drive).He can upload 2-5 images for each product

Then save the excel file.

Minimum SKUs to be uploaded is 4 and maximum is 18

Then coming back to the Catalog Upload tab he has to fill the following details:

(a) Catalog/Product Description

(b) Category

(c) Catalog Starting Price ( the lowest price of the product)

(d) Upload the excel file under the ‘Add Files’ tab

(e) Submit Catalog

  1. Single Upload listing:
  2. Catalog Upload
  3. Add single catalog
  4. Sub-sub category
  5. Catalog Starting Price ( the lowest price of the product)
  6. Add Images ( front images)
  7. Submit Catalog

Youtube link for single upload feature:

NOTE : How to upload new catalogs on supplier panel-

If the supplier has catalog bulk upload feature enabled then explain the steps as per the PDF attached below:

Link :


  1. How to Upload catalog-
  2. How to create image link-

(b) Orders and how to maintain inventory. Also, let him know of the ‘Out of Stock’ option.

Note: If the supplier panel is mapped with the new single upload feature then explain about the both the bulk & single upload procedures. If not then only explain about the bulk upload option.

QC Process & how to avoid uploading errors:

Multipack Issue

Please mention the multipack because it is under recommended attributes.

If the same SKU has multiple images & each image has a different number of products then the catalog will be rejected.

Sometimes suppliers will mention the multipack in the product name, if it is not matching with the image then the file will be rejected.

Wrong Category

Portfolio & category should match, then the files  will not rejected.

If the template is chosen wrongly, like instead of Kurtis template for Kurta Sets, then also the files are rejected.

Repeated Products

Same SKU having different variations & suppliers mentioning different Product Id / Style Id for each variation are rejected as the system will generate multiple product ID’s for the same product.

Product Id / Style Id is the actual SKU.

In this case, all the repeated / duplicate products will be rejected and they will upload only unique products and after uploading they will edit in the admin panel with correct sizes as per the excel or supplier info.

Solution: Supplier has to fill the same Product Id / Style Id for all variations in each SKU.

Improper Image

The watermarks should be cropped and the product should be visible after cropping, if the watermark has covered more portion of the image, then we reject the product based on the visibility

If the Product has only back or all Back image ( Design won’t be visible), it will be rejected in this case.

Incomplete Details

Please fill all the details. We reject the files / products if the required details in the recommended field are missing, like – Capacity missing, product dimensions missing, etc.

Multiple Category

If the file has products from multiple categories in a single file, then the file or a few products are rejected based on the products & category tagged to it.

Brand Products

If you are selling branded products we need brand authorization letter, else the catalog will be rejected.

PID overlapping

Image should not have any PID details / numbers on the corner on the image, else it will be rejected. If you are using images from other platforms, you can mask / crop the existing PID details / numbers and upload.

NDD program – Next day dispatch program to be advised to the new suppliers.


~ Low Reseller cancellations of NDD orders as compared with Non NDD orders

~ Better supplier NPS of NDD suppliers as compared to Non NDD suppliers

~ Special app banners for NDD, which lead resellers straight to the listed catalogs in NDD

~ Exclusive ‘Next day dispatch’ tag only for these catalogs.

In case a supplier wants to enroll into NDD program, then the supplier can raise the ticket with the supplier support team or directly email to and with the details of the catalog ids and the corresponding supplier id.

In case a supplier’s NDD order has not been picked up  by the 3pl (considering the manifestation has been done on time), and the reseller ends up cancelling the order, then the supplier needs to raise the ticket with Supplier support. Eventually it shall be validated by the FM team  and necessary actions would be taken (no penalty imposed) . Also if the supplier has not manifested the orders on time and the reseller cancels the order, this would lead to penalty imposition.

Briefing 1st Order:

Brief explanation of order processing tabs, picking, packing, packing materials, how to generate manifest / invoice to be given.

Inform the supplier that once he receives his first order he will be getting a call from Meesho and the complete order management process will be explained in detail.


Briefing Payment:

-Payment credit cycle is – D+15

Briefing the supplier that he will be receiving an email with the training video link once he receives his first payment and the 6 tabs under payment will be explained in detail on that video.

How to succeed in Meesho        


  1. Upload 5-7 catalogs with 3-4 products per catalog for initial success.
  • Ensure that images are taken properly. If you are using photos from other platforms, ensure that it is cropped correctly and does not contain any number.
  • Image link is properly created. If they are stored in a drive, it should not be deleted until the catalog has gone live. Training video –
  • You can also use Meesho’s image upload facility. Training video –
  • Make sure that you fill as many attributes as possible to make your catalog informative
  • Ensure that the all the details filled are correct in order to avoid any QC error


  1. Keep the prices competitive with others. Refer to the Price Recommendation tool usability document in the drive.


  1. Process the order on time. Ensure that it is the right product, well packaged & MRP is not visible


  1. Keep updated by tracking notices shared on the Notice Board of supplier panel

Second training objective

  1. Order processing in details – what need to be done on the panel
  2. Picking and packing process to be explained in details – how they can get packaging material, how the packing needs to be done, dos and don’ts of packing
  3. How to generate invoice & manifest to be explained along with what to keep inside and what to paste outside the package
  4. How to handover to the delivery partner (need to keep one manifest with the supplier and to give one to the pickup executive)
  5. Escalation process in case any issue faced with delivery
  6. Complete penalty charges to be explained
  7. How to claim wrong returns (order no, AWB no and photo/video has to ben emailed to ss within 7 days)
  8. Payments has been explained

AHT to provide the training – 10 mins

(i) Request the Supplier to Login

(ii) Request him to check the Orders in the Pending tab and Click on Accept

(iii) Under ‘To be Dispatched’ check the ‘Ready to Ship’ box and mark the same

(iv) When it is in the ‘Ready to Ship’ tab request him to check the Select Orders box. This includes 2 steps:

(a) Download Label -This has 1 page. Both the address and the invoice are in the same page.Supplier will fold the page with the address part facing upwards.

(b) Download Manifest– He must print 2 copies. One he should keep with him and one to give to the Logistic partner after obtaining the date and signature in both copies.

(v) Payments and Penalties:

(a) Payment credit cycle is – D+15

(b) Penalty/Return Shipping fees:

S.No. Type Reason Remarks Amount

not dispatch the product and on the 8th day (from the order date) the

shipment will be cancelled then penalty will be imposed

5% on the

product value from the order date to cancel date and maximum amount will be Rs.107 pre GST


has cancelled the order, then penalty will be imposed

5% on the

product value from the order date to cancel date and maximum amount will be Rs.107 pre GST

3 PENALTY RTO_SLA_BREACH/Reseller_Cancellation_SLA_Breach If the supplier

has dispatched the order after 3 days of SLA and the product got RTO then

penalty will be imposed

As per weight slab

mentioned ” MEESHO” In the product or in the shipment, then penalty

will be imposed


has contacted reseller then penalty will be imposed


uses Branded packaging material, then penalty will be imposed


uses MRP in the product then penalty will be imposed



NOTE: Do not refer to the panel.

Inform the supplier that commission will be charged category wise in whatever category he/she is dealing with and return shipping fees will be charged as per weight slab category wise.Supplier can also check return shipping fees on his panel on product level.

(vi) Brief the supplier if he gets a wrong product in return and the steps he should follow:

(a) Come back within 7 days of return

(b) Provide video, Images

(c) Order ID

(d) Forward AWB (not mandatory ) and Reverse AWB

(vii) Regarding Pickup let him know that if Label is downloaded before 11:00 AM pickup will be done on the same day and post 11:00 AM pickup will be done the next day. Please mention the OTP facility for Delhivery Courier partner.

(viii) Regarding Packing it should be plain, no brand name (like Meesho), no logo and no MRP should be mentioned.

Note: RTO/ Return POD(s) can only be requested for the shipments within 14 days from the date when it was marked delivered(RTO delivered \ Return Delivered).

All return shipment (RTO & Customer returns) has to be accepted by the supplier. In case of any issues, suppliers can reach supplier support within TAT regarding the claim. Any shipment rejected will be disposed off without any further monetary compensation from Meesho

Please ask Supplier to follow the below points while processing the order:


  1. Inward:
    1. SkuXsize (stickering) to be pasted on the item packet while inventory is put away.


  1. Inventory management:
    1. Single SKU stored in each bin
    2. Sizes should be separated by a divider (cardboard)
    3. Separate/proper marking of packing area and inventory.


  1. Picking:
    1. SKU/Ageing wise picking by the same packer.
    2. SKU to be matched with label while picking shipments


  1. Packing:
    1. SKUxSize pasted on items to be matched with labels while packing shipments.
    2. Platform level packing should happen with separation to reduce mixing shipments
    3. Same SKU to be packed by single/dedicated packer to ensure no wrong picking
    4. Always fresh/non-tempered packets to be used for packing.


  1. Handover:
    1. Courrier wise separation should happen to avoid wrong shipment handover
    2. Proper manifestation should happen while handover and acknowledgment from 3PL



We have introduced a policy around high wrong fulfilment returns (WFR) and your low rated catalogues by resellers.As per the policy your account will get deactivated from the platform if more than 60% of your overall catalogues get deactivated due to high WFR and low reseller ratings of 3.5.

WFR reasons:



wrong product received


product is defective

missing products


same design but different color

completely different design from shown


item was dead on arrival

part of the item missing

less quantity

delivery was late


Launch Seller Account on Meesho Video | Sell on Meesho


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